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Schools, Doctors, Court Rooms, Offices & Treatment Rooms

Examples of recent installations with costings as a guide

Music Studio

Attic Music Studio Paddington Approx Cost $5k

Museum - custom panels Quiet Space

Australian Museum Cost >$20k

Composing Music Studio Inner West

Custom Composing Suite Studio >$10k

full wall coverage quiet space

HMAS Penguin Navy Cafe Cost $30k

industrial perspex ceiling panels

NSW Primary School > $17k

retrofit noisy cafe

Lady Davidson Private Hospital Total Cost >$20k

Sydney Soundproofing

Sydney Soundproofing is a contract based trade provider for Acoustic Solutions and Soundproofing based in Inner West Sydney. We supply Acooutic insulation all across Australia to trade and Commercial end users.

We also work with Licensed Carpenters and tradesmen, professional Installers. We supply customers with all Professional Acoustic Insulation required to achieve Noise free solutions in various environments; in the build stage and retrofit, or interior fitout. Acoustic Insulation Absorption Panels & Polyester Infill, Noise Barrier products, and the newer Designer Acoustic baffles and Diffusers that suspend from the Ceiling, Acoustic Door solutions and seals. We use the best products availble from various national suppliers to ensure the right solution, and have no self made products to sell. Our speciality lies in where we started in the Music , Audio and Media Industries and we apply that knowledge to the users of today. We are very focused on making the noise go away, and work at the highest standards.

Sound Absorbers we use in various projects

acoustic pipe and duct lagging
Sound Absorbers

Acoustic pipe and duct lagging

Soundlag is a high-performance composite acoustic lagging product developed to reduce noise from pipes, valves, fan housings, and ductwork in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. Soundlag 4525C provides an optimal soundproofing solution for those seeking compliance to BCA (Building Code of Australia) F5.6 requirements for habitable and

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polyester acoustic insulation
Sound Absorbers

Polyester acoustic insulation

Sorberpoly™ 2D acoustic insulation is a fine fibre, non-woven polyester, with excellent sound absorbing and thermal insulation properties, useful in high humidity applications. It is fuel, oil and grease resistant. Under normal applications, the material will last a life-time. It’s a lightweight, hydrophobic (non-wicking) product which is

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dBX Flexible Noise Barrier with Aluminium Glass-Cloth Facing
Sound Absorbers

dBX Flexible Noise Barrier

dBX Flexible Noise Barrier with Aluminium Glass-Cloth Facing Quadzero™ dBX is a high performance noise control product that exhibits superior transmission loss performance. It features a flexible, mass-loaded, noise barrier, laminated with an aluminium foil-covered glass-cloth facing, (AGC). It was developed to meet market requirements in marine,

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decorative sound absorbing foam panel
Sound Absorbers

Decorative sound absorbing foam panel

Echohush Profile is a range of decorative sound absorbing foam panels made from combustion modified polyether foam, that offer diffusive properties as well as high noise reduction across a broad frequency range. As the name suggests, the absorptive panels feature a variety of decorative profiled surface patterns

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Acoustic Foam Bass Traps
Sound Absorbers

Acoustic foam bass traps

Echohush Bass Traps are acoustic foam absorbers made from combustion modified foam that are tuned to absorb lower frequencies. The panels absorb low frequencies preventing them from reflecting back into the room thereby controlling standing waves, that can generate low frequency ’boomy’ noise. Controlling reflected sound energy

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Warehouse/ Loading Bay in Canterbury NSW.

In the last few years we have also installed Soundpoofing to Schools, Doctors, CourtRooms, Offices, Treatment Rooms. We use professional Installers, or can supply only.

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